Our 10th Month-Niversary & Food Party.
Saturday, 5 November 2011

 Gonna blog mostly about food today. & also my 10th Month-Niversary with boyfie.

My anniversary being with Abdul Rahim falls on every 1st of the month.
And this month is our 10th Month-niversary with Abdul Rahim.

On 3rd November 2011, meet up with Abdul Rahim at Tampines MRT station.
I was craving for Pizza Hut actually.
Went to Tampines Mall Pizza Hut, i was surprise to see that its fulled house. 
Very lazy to wait, so i suggest to Abdul Rahim that instead of having Pizza Hut for dinner, we went to Swensen.
Order our dinner and waited patiently for my Lasagna which i have order specially for myself as i doesn't like it to have spinach in my Lasagna. 
Which pissed me off  is that the Lasagna pasta is already mixed with spinach.
Fuss abit (more than abit. Teeheehee.) over it and end up i took it down on the table as Abdul Rahim telling me that im being fussy. Pfft!

Below are the pic i have taken while having our dinner at Swensen.

* i totally forget the drink name*

* Abdul Rahim showing off his dinner for that night *

* Chili Crab Spaghetti *

* Mr & Mrs Abdul Rahim. Cehhh! *

* Pepperoni Pizza (thumbs up) *

* Fries Basket *

Yesterday after work, me and Abdul Rahim head down to airport to have our dinner at popeye.
But Selengeh me! I forget to snap picture of us.

Anw, me had to work today. Very sleepy. 
Due to certain reason. Thanks to Abdul Rahim. Pfft!
Went home straight after work.

i have something funny to share! Me, daddy and Lil baby Nadra was at home. Mommy was out doing groceries shopping. So i did my laundry before i getting myself ready for dinner with boyfie. I was from my room going to the kitchen. It was a shocked of my life seeing that my mother kitchen was flooded with soapy water from the washing machine. Yes! i forget to put down the water hose. Daddy was at the hall sleeping. Instead of waking him up, i thought that i better clear the shit before he awakes. So, i took the tray and start to scoop the water out. Too engrossed by scooping the water out, i didn't notice that my dad were standing outside the kitchen watching me. And this is what he say to me when he saw me scooping the water out, " lahh, kau nak kayuh sampan gi mana tu?". i looked at him with my half open jaw and told him that i forget to put down the water hose. All he did was laugh at me. Next, he help me to clear the water out and told me that its good that i flooded the kitchen so that he could scrub the kitchen floor. And VOILA! The kitchen floor is sparkling clean now. *giggle*

Sakura With Boyfie..

Alright, till here then.
Im shagged. Gonna rest now. Will update again. =D

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