Exhausted Fall On The Butt.
Saturday, 8 October 2011

How i wished i wasn't working today. Can really like spent my whole Saturday not feeling exhausted. Body arching like HELL. Cant even carry Karman for a long time. Good that she been sleeping like a log. 

Reach home quickly after work just to catch up my sleep again as i was really really tired from the weekdays of working my ass off at work.

Woke up at 6+pm and straight to kitchen to find food. Boiled sausage and fried eggs to be eaten with bread. Straight to my room after had early dinner.

Lay on my bed. Slowly, my body started to feel the pained. Well, i had a fall yesterday. Really BAD fall.

Yesterday were Children's Day. Jennie decide to let the toddlers to have some fun playing with the flour. I had fun too. At the end of it, floor was messy with flour every where. Floor were slippery and i had to mopped and clean all of it. All the toddler had their lunch, shower and off to nap time. So, i started with cleaning time too. I keep telling other teachers to be careful as the floor were wet and slippery too. But clumsy me, i had a big FALL. I fall in a sitting posture. My butt were killing me for a minute. Everyone were like looking at me with their half open mouth and big round bulge eyes as if like its going to popped out in any second. Linah and lau she ran towards me trying to help me up. I got up slowly and theres no pained at all. I try to walk to check if everything is fine but seem that im alright. No more butt pained. Its like the pained have totally disappear. And so, i continue my work like usual. 

Today when i woke up in the morning, body starting to feel slight pained. Most probably because of yesterday fall. Hopefully by tomorrow, no more body arching at all. I really need to be well for these month. Seriously, NO Medical Certificate for these month. *Pray*

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