What Are People Looking For In Relationship?
Saturday, 10 September 2011

Many know what they want... but many do not know as well... for those who know, they might not find someone who wants the same thing as them or they might change their mind about what they after certain experiences or they might not find what they want at all... for those who do not know could either need not to think so much but just find out what they want as they go along or they might continue finding out what they want for the longest time...

SO, what is is that people want out from a relationship? Females? Males?
- just to have someone there?
- to have someone to spend time with?
- to have someone take care of the bills?
- to show that they are stable and family oriented, as if they are running for a position? ;)
- trophy wife or husband?
- it is expected of them?
- someone to be there for you when you need them?
- to have a best friend forever?
The list can just go on... and on... but the question is still lingering... what is it that people want in a relationship? Does it have anything to do with the type of love language they have?

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