HFM Disease!
Tuesday, 23 August 2011

We had 14 infant and 10 were sent home due to Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Red spot were discover on their hand, foot, mouth and even a few spot on the face. Parents were called up to fetch their children. It really sadden me as 4 infant were only left till the end of my shift. I hope and pray, all the 10 infant will recover soon 

Jack ❤ 

Jack. One of the infant that were sent home. 

Shaunak sleeping.

Regardless of him sick, still can smile for the camera.

Jack Low ❤ 

Samuel ❤ 

Jack having his afternoon milk.

Shaunak sleep.

Shaunak awake.

My pampered lil Shaunak ❤ 

Kieran ❤ 

Singing Time!

Its Pipa! ❤ 

Pipa smiling for the camera.

Ashley ❤ 

Chubby Ashley ❤ 

Ashley smiling ❤ 

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